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Aerosun 9000L CGJ5162TXS Cleaning Sweeper Truck

Aerosun 9000L CGJ5162TXS Cleaning Sweeper Truck

Aerosun 9000L CGJ5162TXS Cleaning sweeper truck The CGJ5162TXS cleaning sweeper truck adopts Isuzu Euro III chassis, whi
Basic Info.
Model NO. CGJ5162TXS
Trademark Aerosun SanLi
Origin China
Product Description
Aerosun 9000L CGJ5162TXS Cleaning sweeper truck

The CGJ5162TXS cleaning sweeper truck adopts Isuzu Euro III chassis, which can be used for cleaning and high-pressure cleaning of urban roads, squares, airports, docks and other roads. It can be used as a road sweeper alone or simultaneously for high pressure cleaning and sweeping the road. It has a variety of functions such as road sweeping, road cleaning, road edge and its stone facade washing and spray dust removal. It can be used as a road sweeping vehicle, cleaning vehicle, roadside cleaning vehicle and spray dust removal vehicle. After the operation, the road surface is free of dust and clean water, and the road surface is cleaned to reveal the original appearance of asphalt or concrete.


Engine modelISDe185 30, Euro 3
Max. net power of engine136kw
DimensionsOverall dimension (L × W × H)8690×2490×3020mm
Wheel tread(front)1880mm
Wheel tread(rear)1860mm
Front overhang1430mm
Rear overhang2260mm
Min. ground clearance200mm
Approach/departure angle16/17°
QualityCurb weight11600kg
Rated loading4270kg
Washing and sweepingWash & sweep width3.5m
Wash & sweep speed3~15km/h
High pressure pump pressure10MPa
High pressure pump flow rate153L/min
Cleaning and sweepingClean & sweep efficiency≥95%
Clean & sweep width3.5m
Clean & sweep speed3~20m
Max. cleaning capacity70000m2/h
Auxiliary ENgineModelQSB5.9-C160-30, Euro 3
Discharging angle≥48(°)
Total volume of clean water tank9000L
Total volume of garbage tank5000L

2. Technical characteristics

  1. It has a variety of operation functions, such as road cleaning, road sweeping, road edge washing, spray dust removal and so on.
  2. Adopts the arrangement mode of "middle two vertical sweep + middle wide nozzle built-in high pressure water spraying rod + middle high pressure side spraying rod". The operating device is highly concentrated, with low consumption of brushing, less splashing and high cleaning rate.
  3. The left and right high-pressure side spray rods and suction nozzles are arranged in V-shape, and are operated by pneumatic, with high water impact force and efficient collection of sewage. The spray rod mechanism has anti-collision and automatic reset functions.
  4. Intelligent control system based on CAN bus, LCD panel display, humanized operation. After the operation mode is selected, the startup and shutdown of each operation mechanism is automatically controlled by the program.
  5. The auxiliary engine is used to drive the high-pressure water pump, fan and working device, and the high-pressure water pump is individual driven by pneumatic clutch.
  6. High pressure water pump, unloading valve and high pressure nozzle adopt imported products, high reliability.
  7. It has the advanced technology of high pressure water control system, when switching the high pressure water pump starting and working water valve, the pump can automatic unloading, effectively protect the pump.
  8. The garbage tank is equipped with anti-overflow alarm device, which can prevent the sewage from spilling out of the pipe and causing secondary pollution. The self-cleaning device is used to clean the sewage tank automatically after dumping rubbish, which improves the working efficiency.
  9. The clean water tank is equipped with a low water level sensing alarm system, which automatically alarms when the water level is low to prevent damage caused by water shortage of the water pump.
  10. It has a low-pressure sprinkling water pump system, and two counter sprinkler heads are installed in the middle to realize fast flushing of the road surface.

    Aerosun 9000L CGJ5162TXS Cleaning Sweeper Truck